Fáilte Isteach

This is the start of your Irish Language Journey

You’re on your way to making a deeper connection with your Irish heritage.

A chara,

It’s lovely to have you as a Foundations member with Bitesize Irish. Since you’re also a Green Room member, I want to give you a special welcome here!

You’ve put in a lot of effort into finding out who you are and where you’re from.

Now it’s time to embark on a journey of a lifetime.

You’re here on Aistear, the online learning platform by Bitesize Irish. Aistear means journey.

Your journey into the Irish language can be fun and rewarding. I bet you’d love to introduce yourself in the Irish language, right? Imagine doing so on your next trip to Ireland, even with your Irish relatives in Ireland.

Yes, there will be perils along the way. Learning a language as an adult is difficult, I’m not going to lie. The Irish language is a Celtic language. The sentences and ways to express yourself are simply different to that of English. So please set your expectations accordingly.

You can find your deep connection in Bitesize steps.

Our motto is Gaeilge Gach Lá, which means The Irish Language Every Day. It’s our way to describe the process of letting the language into your life in little ways, regardless of your current abilities.

Please take your Foundations membership on Bitesize Irish as your chance to practice Gaeilge Gach Lá in small steps.

Pop in every day, play a phrase, repeat it aloud. Over time you’ll realise that you’re recognizing more words and phrases and moving yourself closer to that deep sense of connection.

So what now?

Have a little “nose around” our Aistear platform. Make yourself at home. Check out each of the mini-courses you’ll find in colour on the main page (the courses greyed out are those available only to Explore or Grow members).

Le meas,
Founder of Bitesize Irish

P.S. You can always contact us when you’re here on Aistear with any questions. No question is too small. Just click the question mark icon at the bottom-right of any page.